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How I Write 5,000 Words Every Day

I see these posts all the time. It’s all rehashed advice. “Just write!” “Find something you’re passionate about!” and so on. You read one because of its overly catchy headline, then Medium sends you 50 more the next morning.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the advice I’m going to give.

These days I write 5,000ish words on a mixture of personal projects and client stuff quite consistantly (although, another system member mainly handles client work).

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The Vine Witch Review

The story concept is exceptional. I haven’t come across something like it before. Basically, a vine witch is a witch that tends to the grapes that make wine. The main character is about a vine witch who’s been cursed for the last 7 years, and she goes home to discover that her adoptive grandmother has sold the vineyard.

The overall concept of vine witches is incredible to me. I’ve read stories of nature witches and whatnot, but that’s generic, and it’s common. I found the whole vine witch thing to be incredibly clever. It’s a fantastic example of an author that took two ideas and mashed them into one thing.

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Prismacolor: A Review for New Colroing Pencil Artists


Plotter? Pantser? No, I'm a Plant, sir.

Back when I was first starting out with colouring pencils, this is a review I’d have killed for. I spent years only using sketching pencils, I dabbled in digital art, and I did some painting and marker work. It took months of research before I finally chose a coloured pencil brand.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, unlike those irritating reviews that are purely done for SEO purposes. I’ll break this into categories. Let’s begin.

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When writing, usually fiction, a plotter is (no shit) someone who plots. I must admit, I don’t know how much the typical plotter plots. I’ve seen it vary from “I have a synopsis” to “I have a chapter-by-chapter detailed outline of the story, character progression, relationship progression, and and micro-arc progression.”

A person who plots is detailed, sits down, and fleshes out the book before they write it.

To me, this is basically writing the book before it’s written. You already know what’s going to happen. You’ve ironed out the potential plot-holes, or you plan to do so. All that’s left is to find your wording and sentence structure, making your story truly complete.

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