We have always made our living freelancing.

Below you'll find the "work" experience types across various industries along with the number of years the most experienced system member for each has been in the field.


General experience: 29 years

Pro experience: 21 years

Started freelance writing when travelling Europe and never stopped. 
Professional experience and contest wins in:

  • Fiction novel writing

  • Fiction screenwriting

  • Fiction play writing

  • Poetry

  • Lyrics

  • Product descriptions

  • Blogs

  • Niche affiliate web content

  • Investigative journalism

  • Shock journalism

  • Satire journalism

  • Love letters

  • Business proposals

  • Newsletters

  • Copy writing



General experience: 29 years

Pro experience: (after taking courses) 15 years

General experience: 32 years

Pro experience: 21 years

Self-edited for most of freelance writing career until blogs and niche affiliate web content happened. Now edit for a select few clients in web content circles.

Other experience editing biographies/autobiographies.

Started freelance art when travelling Europe and never stopped. 
Professional experience and contest wins in:

  • Caricatures as a street artist

  • Set design for plays

  • Online avatars

  • Twitch emotes

  • Client commission

  • Holiday/event cards

  • Graphic design

Work with:

  • Coloured pencil

  • Charcoal

  • Oil paint

  • Watercolour

  • Digital art

  • Clay

  • Pastels

  • Alcohol-based markers


General experience: 31 years

Pro experience: 5 years (production), 14 years (performance)


General experience: 25 years

Pro experience: 9 years (on and off)

  • Producer for small bands

  • Producer for stage music

  • Composer for personal use

  • Performer

  • Busker

Works with:

  • Vocals (classically trained)

  • Guitar

  • Piano and keyboard instruments

  • Flute

  • Drums

  • Violin

Raised several kids.

Looked after troubled but sweet teenagers.

Entertained children with stories and shows.

Looked after and supported world's cutest autistic 4 year old.


General experience: 7 years

Pro experience: 5 years (no degree)

Briefly taught writing, taught kids art and guitar, spent 5 years teaching the history and practical of paranormal investigation.

Sex Work



General experience: hahaha

Pro experience: 6 years

General experience: 28 years

Pro experience: 6ish years + 8ish

General experience: 7 years (min)

Pro experience: 5 years (min)

Fetish sex worker for 4 years. Who doesn't love ambiguous genitals and someone who'll fuck as male or female?

Sexual wellness writer and product reviewer for two years.


Retired from anything other than writing and drawing sexual content.

Acting alone/for fun for 28 years.

Six years of pro theatre, headlining almost every show MINIMUM. Cannot remember exact amount of time due to traumatic events and don't wish to. Dean's wishes.

Eight years of amateur theatre before that.

Briefly played a statue as a street performer.


Directed a few amateur productions and some of the pro ones.

Shoutout to David who did the naked calendar and was our co-director.


Video Editing


Voice Acting

General experience: 13 years

Pro experience: 2 years

One year for fun, 10 for content, two for others and ourselves.


General experience: 12 years

Pro experience: 2 years

Made videos on and off for 12 years, had 2 years of a successful music channel.


General experience: 30 years

Pro experience: 2 years

Thirty years of doing voices in passing for added drama when reading and telling stories.

Two years of voicing simple cartoons and puppets for kids in the pro theatre days.



Brief stint helping Drag Queens get dressed.

Brief stint beautifying older people using knowledge learned from Drag Queens.

One costume commission. A few custom clothes pieces and doilies.


Some cooking for clients.