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What Am I? (24601!)

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

This isn't a full blog post. This is just the first post in this section, letting you know what the section is for.

Our inner life means as much as and more to us than the outer, but sadly it's the one it takes more effort to share. We can't photograph it without drawings. We can't record it without animation, or risk if we do record it on camera.

This is a blog category that will serve as a journal of sorts. Dear diary, dear reader. It may be updated frequently, maybe infrequently.

Everything you read in this category is what we experience in our days. Sometimes it will be a mix of inner and outer events. Inner often takes the shape of outer--we crafted our exterior life based on interior events.

This is a safe space to share ourselves with the world the way most people can through their social media, or through chatting to a friend.

This documents a life we can't otherwise capture.

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