FAQ About Working with MRSystemBooks

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Do you do brand deals?

Sure. Use our "work with us" form or email MRSystemCreative@gmail.com to discuss what you're looking for. Note that we have 0 followers, so you're probably not going to make any money through working with us. However, we can discuss one of us being the voice/host of your book-related brand, or anything else that you could actually make money from and pay us for.

Do you do sponsored posts?

Yes, but we have 0 followers, so a post from us probably won't make you any money. We charge £5 for sponsored posts based on having under 5,000 followers. See payment FAQ later on.

What kind of items would be good for you to sponsor?

- PET PRODUCTS!!! PET!!!! PRODUCTS!!!!! We can tailor the video to our niche, and we have pets to show you. We may accept free products to show off/show in action, but we can't promise that Ellie won't destroy it 5 minutes after we film the video. - KEYBOARDS! We love keyboards. Well, two of us do. We accept free keyboards to demo, but we LOVE our keyboard and it was expensive, so we'll give it away as a promo for you after we film a few videos with it. - Dictation software. Dragon was expensive as hell, but we'll promo yours. We'll even lie if we don't find it good. For legal reasons this is a joke. - Compact chairs. Heck yeah. - Chair cushions. Heck yeah. - Cool mugs. - Nerd crap. - Concentration/focus tools and timers. - Your hybrid or indie publishing business. - Your editing services. You do a chapter for free for us, and we'll promo/discuss your business. - Anything that makes writing or editing more efficient.

Do you do shoutouts?

We have 0 followers, but sure. A shoutout costs £5.

Will you review my book/story?

Yes. It'll cost you £50 per 1,000 words of content read. The video will cost £5, as we have 0 followers. If you want the review written up on Medium the free is a minimum of 10p per word, as we're not popular on there and that's the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM we'll ever charge for writing that isn't for someone's affiliate website.

DID Stuff

Uh ... what?

Here you go: https://www.mrsystemofficial.com/dissociative-identity-disorder

Are you all authors/writers?

No, authors/writers are in the minority.

Do you write each others' books/stories?

No, but we edit for each other sometimes, and we occasionally consult/exchange ideas.

Do you write about your inner world experiences?

No. Well, not fiction. Blog posts, though.

Lol, aren't you all just the same person?

No. Some systems will insist they are, some systems will insist EVERY system is just one person, but read more about that here: https://mr-system.medium.com/what-is-a-person-dissociative-identity-disorder-4650d3a358c8 Can't read it? Try incognito mode. It works for 3 stories per session.

Can I work with just one or all of you?

You can work with as many or as few of us as you like, depending on who consents to it.

Payment, Contracts, and Taxy Things

How do I pay you?

We accept payment through PayPal only, although we may accept payment through Stripe or our assistant's Payoneer account in the future.

Will you sign a.... for tax reasons?

You're responsible for your taxes, we're responsible for ours. We do not complete W-8Bens or whatever they're called. Take your PayPal invoice/sent payment screenshots to your money people and let them figure it out. It's what we do. Well, it's what our assistant does. Works for us.

Will you sign a contract?

We have a standard contract, and we'll happily review, discuss, and sign yours--provided you don't need any personal information.

Who invoices who?

We prefer to invoice YOU, as we have a person for that, and we can ensure we're getting paid what we're owed. If you don't pay then we will chase you with your solicitor.