Welcome to MRSystemOfficial.com.

Navigate this site freely and easily, we hope the menu is clear and the information is concise and easy to understand. We've simplified a lot of information for even the most easily confused, those with mental disabilities, and the wilfully ignorant (translation: stupid). If you have any suggestions on anything that would make it clearer, let us know.

This is a site for all things MR System, so feel free to browse at your leisure. We are a poly-fragmented, functionally/healthily multiple DID (Dissociate Identity Disorder) system, some of whom create content.


A small handful of the hundreds are creators.

This is a website for those who are interested in what we do, our content, us in general or perhaps to just learn what DID is from the one page where that is explained in simplistic and copy-and-pasted terms alike.

Although we "healed" from the disordered side of DID long ago, there may still be inconsistencies in promises and time-limits given. The majority of us lead two equal lives with priorities in both. It is difficult to be perfect when sharing a body.




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